Cheese Gourmet Chorizo Baked Mac & Cheese

Ingredients/: Pint heavy cream 1/2 cup sharp cheddar 1/2 cup Monterey Jack 1/4 cup smoked Gouda 1/4 cup asiago 1/2 cup ricotta 2tbs mascarpone 3 OZ blue cheese Chorizo (chopped up) 1 shallot minced 1 cup Panko 1 OZ white truffle oil White wine Bow tie pasta

Sauté chorizo until you render down fat deglaze with white whine add cream and cheeses until they are all melted and smooth. In another pot cook bow tie past 3/4 way through strain and set aside. Ladle on the cheese said into each portion you will serve mix it up. Put bacon far or butter on med heat and add shallots until translucency and than add all of that to panko and mix well put a later of Panko over Mac drizzle lights truffle oil and up in the oven on broil for 2 minutes

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