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Chef Barret Beyer is a Long Island native whose passion and dedication has allowed him to excel and succeed in every aspect of his professional and personal development. Read more


throughout the years i have seen and experienced any kind of catering services, I can't help but notice it is the same food options time and time again. Instead of offering the same dishes that everyone... Read more

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Do you want to learn how to cook the perfect fish? How about what kind of marinade to put on your Steaks before dinner tonight? Does your significant other constantly over cook or under cook dinner? Read more

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Hell's Kitchen Season 11 Contestant and Long Island's Own Chef Barret Beyer. Check Out My Gallery! Learn more...


Celebrity Chef Barret of Hells Kitchen Season 11 and the Food Network is Heating Things Up in the Fight to Knockout Bullying by Taking His Passion for Food on the Road to Help Send a Palatable and Powerful Message: "No Matter What Negative Words or Actions Others Say or Do To You...Follow Your Dreams Whatever They May Be, the Only Person to Keep You from Succeeding and Achieving Your Dreams Is You!"

Chef Barrets Life Journey has had many highs and lows, just like every single one of us experience! But Chef Barret has taken the responsibility of his choices and has not only risen to success and celebrity status, he is determined to set a positive example and help enrich lives of our youth. He is not only showing our youth that by believing in themselves they can aspire to many things, he is also showing adults that their actions can help make a positive impact!

Chef Barret is simply taking his talent....READ MORE